pluimveePoultry wholesaler Samyn is a company that trades and distributes all kinds of poultry for slaughter.

Thanks to our ideal location we have a broad network with sales possibilities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands but also further. Our excellent knowledge of the poultry market enables us to tune the demand with the supply and vice versa, also in times when the sector has difficulties.




...offer a competitive price for your lot of chickens, without compromising our service quality. on delivery

...try to limit the administrative hassle.

...know that an accurate planning and fast execution are important criteria for you.

...keep in mind your specific wishes and desires. to hear your opinion. Thanks to feedback our service can stay excellent.



Poultry wholesaler Samyn is a family business existing for over 60 years. It was founded by Maurice Samyn and continued by Gilbert Samyn. Sons Johan and Yvan worked from childhood in the company, and continued to do so until Johan Samyn in 1995 founded a new enterprise called Samagro. This company is specialized in trading organic fertilizers.

Meanwhile the company is run by Yvan Samyn and Nadine Cailliau.

Poultry Wholesale