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AanhangwagenWestkip BVBA is a modern and reliable transport company that guarantees an excellent service.

With 5 trucks we take care of all your transport demands concerning live poultry in the Western-European market. Above all we offer an honest price per km. This way you will be glad to continue to cooperate with us.

Flexibility and know-how are our main assets. Our containers are always rinsed and disinfected in advance. This way you can be certain we suffice with the highest standards. Further we are also certified with the Belplume label. This is a quality system according to the principles of integral chain control. Below you can find some containers that we own, as well as their dimensions.

12 lades container
15 lades container
Kar mobiele container
Mobiele container 15 lades
Mobiele container kar
Moffett afmetingen


Mobiele containerMobile containers have the same shape as classical containers with 5 layers. However, they exist of 4 parts: 1 pallet and 3 mobile units that can be put upon the pallet. These mobile units can easily be put on a chariot with the help of a Moffett or a loading machine. This way the module can be rolled into the hallways of the shed, which brings a lot of advantages:

  • Animal welfare: In the light of developments of last years concerning legislation of animal welfare, this is a very important advantage. Considering animal welfare also means less stress and fractures, because the animals do not have to be dragged over long distances.
  • Efficient loading: With mobile containers it is possible to load faster and with less staff than with regular containers or crates.
  • More convenient for employees: No lost meters in hallways.
  • Cheaper: Most poultry service teams charge less because of the faster and more efficient loading process. Contact us to know which companies!




Below you can find a short presentation of the new loading machine. If this video does not work, you can find the video here on YouTube.


Mobiele containers Samyn
Mobiele containers Samyn
Vrachtwagen Westkip
In de stallen rijden
Laden in de hoogte

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